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About Ferret Breeders

About Ferret Breeders

which one is better???????

About breeders..... long history

I will give here my opinion as person and biologyst.

Breeder: farm that is allowed to procriate ferrets and sell comercially, under fitting sanitary and many other requirements.

They give garanty, certificate, etc... "the animal as a product".

In Brazil unfortunatelly you have no choice in relation to breeders.

Brazil allows the entrance only of Marshall´s farm ferrets.

To enter in Brazil they are obriged to:

Have a microship

Be neutered and scented (removal of anal glands)

They are considered as exotic animals, not as wild. They don´t have predators in Brazil, so the necessity of being neutered.

Breeding ferrets in Brazil is forbidden as security for ecosystem.


United States´ farms


They produce ferrets to be used as pets
and to be sent to laboratory experiences (horrible)
They select genetically animals to be Kind, Gentle, and Not Agressive.

THIS HAS A PRICE (not only financially)
This exacerbated selection let their animals to be more succeptible to many diseases..as many owners of Marshll Ferrets can argue.

They have bigger probability of developing adrenal disease specially.
many owners relate their ferrets live no longer than 4 years..due to diseases, mainly.


They produce ferrets ONLY to be sold as pets.

They are Proud of this and keep GENETIC VARIABILITY
consequences: * stronger animals, less vulnerable to diseases

*no degradation of genetic code of the species

* they live more and with health

* bigger variability in pattern of collors of their ferrets

*some animals can be more aggresive, but as all are neutered, in
my opinion, it has no difference.

I have two Path Valley ferret and he is very gentle.


Farms from New Zealand, and Europe i don´t have much knowledge

I know that in Europe some farms Select Genetically their ferrets to be VERY BIG... i don´t know about their incidence of diseases.

And ferrets of Russia have very good prices!

Royal Canadian Farm is said to produce one of the best ferrets.., healthy and well-behaved.. but they are VERY expensive..

but remember if you live abroad and whant to come back to Brazil with your babies.. you should proove to embassy of Brazil in the country you are, that you really LIVE there (you need a document from brazilian embassy saying that)...then you can think about preparing documents to bring the ferret to Brazil.
This i will talk about in the next topic ;-)

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  1. Realmente é uma pena o monopólio da Marshall sobre a importação de ferrets no Brasil, já vi fotos e relatórios das atrocidades que eles cometem não só com ferrets, mas cachorro (beagle, se não me engano) em seus testes e pesquisas *científicas*... :/ Meu animal é Path Valley e é extremamente dócil, acredito que a genética pouco interfere neste assunto, mais é a maneira de criar e o amor e dedicação dispensado nisto que torna o animal manso ou agressivo.
    Muito bom o Post Barbara!!!


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