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Importação de Ferrets

Importação de Ferrets

"Meus Filhos"
First step


First of all, one should know which are the requirements in your country to have a beautiful furry ferret.
In my specific, i am going to buy my baby in one country (where i am living) and going to move to another one later.

To move country

Papers and requirements should be solved in the consulate of the country where you are going to move; ministry of agriculture of the intended country; vets, airport, etc etc etc...
Importation of ferrets TO BRAZIL

A very good site explaining the procedures for entering with your pet ferret into Brazil:
if this link does not open directly, the information is in the Forum-Discussão Geral- como levar o meu ferret do exterior para o Brasil
There is also some information in the site:


PS: Just remember that you cannot buy a ferret abroad and bring to your country..unless you prove you were living abroad.. and also that procedures spend about 4 months to be ready papers for importation.
Importation of ferrets TO EUROPEAN UNION
The entrace of ferrets into European Union varies, according to the country (point of entrance), WHERE you come FROM WITH the ferrets, and the air-ROUTE you take.... but procedures are quite simple, and are all very well explained in the following EU official site:
Importation of ferrets TO NORWAY
The entrance with your pet ferret into Norway is not complicated and is everything vvery well explained in the following offical site:
Importation of ferrets TO CHILE
To get into Chile with your pet ferret is not an easy task. They are as requiring as Brazil, if not more. The chilean authorities are in transition of legislation for importation of animals into the country (September, 2009). The following official site explains the requirements, but notice that you should read carefully, because they mix the old with the new legislation:
So, i hope this post will be useful for you all, and good luck with your babies! ;-)

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